If you have ever had to quickly edit a word or odt. document while on the go and needed an online document editor, OffiDocs wins. Having to make quick edits to a legal document on pleading paper, I tried Google Docs, MS Online office, and a smattering of other online document editors. I can say, OffiDocs was able to retain the formatting of my legal documents and the online editing service was instantly available. Jetsetters and travelers can edit spreadsheets, images, documents, video, audio, and presentations using OffiDocs mobile apps. For more advanced users, access web utilities through their cloud including email and project management software. Really impressive lineup from a humble, hardworking website. The only type of file format you can’t edit is .PDF, one would need a specialized PDF program for that file type.

How much does this kind of functionality cost? At the moment, it is free. Perfect for small businesses, non profits, or individuals seeking to startup or grow on a small budget.

Try it and see how you can improve your productivity. On the topic of file formats for word processing, I’m seeing a trend in the .odt file format better retaining formatting and being more adaptable to different software. Out of habit I saved in .doc formatting but over time, I found I had to use the .odt Open Document Format to retain complicated formatting from computer to computer. With the advent of more open source programs continually in development, it is inevitable the Open Document Format will be the new universal standard. Back to OffiDocs, they do have both virtual and downloadable mobile apps including Libreoffice, AndroOffice, that can open and edit many file types, so go ahead and get used to using the Open Document file formats since it will become a new standard.

Visit OffiDocs.

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