We’ve all been watching the recent plateau in Apple Inc. and many are wondering, is this a temporary phase, or an inevitable downside to the explosive growth they experienced a decade ago? Or is this the beginning of the end?

A company and it’s customers have an ongoing relationship. Apple in the eighties and nineties was a very different company than Apple in the 2000s. They have already locked in their core customer base, but they have to compete in the general marketplace for a good portion of their profits.  That general marketplace is made up of people with many different types of aesthetics.  Apple, having a solidly modern and minimalist design approach, may not appeal to a growing demographic that prefers a “rough around the edges”, “been dragged through the mud” aesthetic. Although how much can you change yourself and still stay true to your core values? 

I believe Apple, Inc. is in need of a makeover. How they plan to update and upgrade their image, only they can know. But from an outsiders perspective, they haven’t released any stunning new designs or products that deviated from their norm in quite some time. Its all derivative of something from the previous year’s model. What was once mind bending and futuristic, seems to have slowed down considerably.  

So we watch, and observe if and how they transform themselves. Apple has been around the block a few times already. They’ve had their ups and downs before, each time having to reinvent themselves to regain relevance. What their future image becomes, it will be interesting to see.


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