Square Credit Card Processing

 Retail / Posted 11 months ago / 139 views

Business Relevance uses Square to process our credit card transactions because after trying multiple payment processors, Square was heads above the rest for multiple reasons. I hope they continue the same stellar service over time.

No Sign Up Fee
Currently, there is no sign up fee, they take a small percentage of each sale (currently 2.9%) + a small transaction fee for a basic account.

Easy to Use and Set Up
The dashboard is easy to navigate and easy to integrate with popular shopping carts. You can set up multiple businesses under one account with different names and unique identifiers. If you run multiple websites, for instance, you can set them all up under one main account by integrating the credit card processor with your shopping cart.


If you decide to give Square a try, use our referral link and activate a Square account. You will get free processing on $1,000 in card processing. Activate a Square Merchant Account Now

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